International Master Class for Traditional Salami 2017

A Chance to Know the Secrets in Salami Making

Are you one of those people who fell in love with salami and cannot seem to end their day without even eating one? If you are, then do you have any idea on how the traditional salami is prepared? For sure, by knowing how delicately salami is prepared, you would be able to enjoy every bite of it more. So, how would you know about it? It’s easy, you just need to enroll yourself in an international master class, especially focusing on making salami. Nowadays, it is not anymore impossible for you to find a school or an academy who offers such opportunity for those who wanted to learn the art of making salami. As a matter of fact, Accademia Italiana Stagionello® has an upcoming event, which would take place for 7 days or one week, starting on July 24 to July 30 this year. It would be hosted by Dr. Alessandro Cuomo.

Who are the target participants for the class?

The class is open for anyone who wishes to attain a high level vocational training when it comes to salami making. Through this course, the participants would also be able to acquire a deeper cultural understanding and at the same time, they use the knowledge and skills that they have acquired from the classes to maybe, start their own salami business or work in a company that offers great tasting salami. This only means that the class is not only for people who have prior experience when it comes to making salami but it is also for people who have just started showing an interest in making it.

Well, you can expect that you would be thought about the secrets in salami making that you have always been curious about. In addition to that, you would be taught how to make it the traditional way and at the same time, applied to modern standards. In other words, it is a one week event where tradition meets innovation. At the end of the day or of the week, the participants would be able to acquire the skills that they need, not only when it comes to processing the meat that is essential in salami making but also when it comes to process evaluation and testing. They can also expect that they would be able to acquire more knowledge in scientific concepts in terms of salami making. So, you can actually learn a lot of things from this one week class. Also, a diploma is awarded to the participants too.

So, do you want to learn how to choose the best quality and type of meat for salami? If you do, then there is no longer a need for you to think twice. Register at Accademia Italiana Stagionello® today! Email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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