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Held at the Eataly headquarters in Chicago

It will be held on September 19, at the headquarters of Eataly in Chicago, the Introductory course on Meat Dry Aging. Professor Dr. Alessandro Cuomo, International Expert on Food quality and safety, certified NSF - KHC.

A full immersion on Dry aging Techniques

In four hour seminar the techniques of Dry Aging will be unveiled. An important union between tradition and innovation conceived after years of research, teaching, consulting and from the design and production of technologically advanced machinery. You can closely observe the operation of the special patented control integrated in the machines produced by Arredo Inox, the only company licensed to produce the patent of whom Alessandro Cuomo owns the Intellectual Property.

The opportunity to specialize in the trade in a safe and professional way, ensuring the most for the customer.

This course is for all professionals in the sector, an opportunity to come into direct contact with the essential technical and scientific foundations of meat processing. An important opportunity for American butchers to observe a new perspective, a new way, patented to produce safely , guaranteeing the maximum for the customer.

Allows an opportunity to specialize and train more thoroughly, to work with more assurance allowing a safe and professional outcome.

A meeting which reinforces an already strong alliance between Alessandro Cuomo and Sergio Capaldo, for years united by a shared vision that is based on the quality, safety and protection of original Italian style traditions.


The meeting is sponsored by Sergio Capaldo, La Granda, Eataly and Maturmeat® patented systems that bears witness to the recognition of the quality and safety of meat, each machine equipped with the Patented Sysetm of A.C. Patents Milan. La Granda chooses Maturmeat® for their EATALY stores, they choose patents that depart from Italy and go on to the world, they choose the professional consultaion of Dr. Cuomo now certified and recognized internationally.

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