Today Arredo Inox srl is a recognized leader in the processing, transformation, and storage of foods linked to traditional methodology, specializing in research, development and production of food transformation systems. From its inception in 1990, a young Italian entrepreneur, Alessandro Cuomo, was determined to push past all limitations to lay the foundation for what was to come next. In 1997, construction of the first facility is completed; the space is dedicated to the production of professional equipment and industrial refrigeration systems. A year later, a second facility is built. It is within these walls that all corporate activity took place, from conceptual design to product development and testing, to the creation of Alessandro Cuomo Brevetti Milano.

The mission of Arredo Inox Srl., is to design, produce and distribute professional innovative equipment, with the sole purpose of improving industry standards on food transformation and conservation of both Italian style and non Italian style products in Italy and abroad.

Arredo Inox Srl., currently holds the license to produce 5 patents and 12 trademarks owned by Alessandro Cuomo Brevetti Milano. Between the 2 facilities, there is a total of 10,000 square meters, where 87 patented models are produced. They are then distributed in 92 different locations in Italy, through a nationwide sales and service network. As of 2008, orders began moving across national borders and made available on all continents.

Due to its activity, the company has achieved national and international recognition. In 2010 the company was recognized as a leader in the region of Calabria, for its contribution to research and development that focuses to rediscover and validate rich traditions of Italian heritage.


"To protect and promote the production and consumption of typical and traditional Italian style and non Italian style foods”. Enhance and disseminate through its innovative systems, the true Italian lifestyle.


To design and produce systems that create microclimates for traditional food transformation; to innovate and improve the restaurant and processing industries and the preservation of typical and traditional Italian style and non Italian style foods in Italy and abroad. Our goal is to be conscious and true to local heritage and know how, and transform that into "enterprise". Imagination, technology, quality and awareness: these are the hallmarks of our modern business.

Arredo inox Srl shares its vision and strategies with all partners, working closely with Italian and/or foreign companies, associations and institutions.

Arredo Inox srl is aware that in the pursuit of its mission it must never deviate from its principles of equality, fairness, honesty, integrity and good faith.


To achieve its objectives, Arrdeo Inox Srl has developed a model and an integrated system of research, design, production, distribution and provides an efficient commercial and technical after sales service. The products produced, allows its user to specialize their business, improving its activities by creating an in-house brand, minimizing costs and increasing profits by streamlining operations. Technology innovation and social ethics allow us to create products and services with high added value in line with the concept of environmental sustainability.


Arredo Inox srl is committed to environmental awareness and adopts a system of management that minimizes its impact on the surrounding environment; this enables the company to achieve all objectives and targets, based on strict compliance with the obligations imposed by environmental legislation.

The company recognizes the environmental safeguard as fundamentally import to ensuring a coherent and balanced growth path. For this reason, the company guarantees a careful management system, the use of the best available technologies and the constant monitoring of business processes.


To achieve its objectives, the company operates synergistically in various sectors for research and technological innovation, through the meticulous search for quality and process safety.


We design innovative systems for food transformation and storage, focusing mainly on meats, dairy, fish, pasta and fruits. The systems designed by Arredo Inox Srl., are oriented to traditional conservation and transformation through multiple processes such as salting, smoking, seasoning and drying. We design "New Food Concepts" for catering, processing and collective marketing professionals.


The company produces prototypes for specific needs, as well as customized solutions for preexisting food storage and processing units. We produce prototypes upon request according to specific usage requirements. By using AutoCAD (CAD) we design a 3D model, using Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) we transfer the digital language into a series of physical commands to be carried out on numerical control machines (CNC). We also conduct an analysis of production costs with a bill of materials (BOM). We can create a Miniseries or small number of models for you, and if needed, we will provide certification.


Many years of experience combined with modern machinery, allows for considerable flexibility during production. Every step of the way, the creation of the patented products (or your ideas) are carried out at our facilities in a complete chain, from the initial concept or drawing to final testing and certification. They are then able to successfully complete your order or project, and deliver it within a short period of time. Combine all that, with our high standards of quality control for all large, medium and small-scale projects

Cutting - stainless steel sheets: performed by skilled technicians with the help of CNC machines, model Amada Schiavi.

Punch Press - stainless steel: erformed by skilled technicians with the help of CNC machines, model Amada Schiavi.

Sheet metal bending - stainless steel: performed by skilled technicians with the help of CNC machines, model Amada Schiavi.

Welding: performed by skilled technicians using the TIG system.

Thermal Insulation: performed by our skilled technicians with the help of foam injection machinery of proprietary designed shells, panels and doors, model Afros Cannon.

Systems Assembly: electrical, refrigeration, ventilation, humidification and/or aromatization performed by skilled technicians.

Inspecting and Testing: performed by skilled technicians with the help of equipment such as climatic rooms.


The company has built a national and International retail network with more than 125 specialized service points. They have built a classic sales structure, General director, national sales manager, International sales management, local agents, exclusive and non-exclusive dealers, and retailer "service points".

TUV - Marchio certificazione di sistema di gestione qualità secondo UNI EN ISO 9001:2008


With an authoritative presence in Italy and worldwide, as a leading manufacturer of food transformation systems, Arredo Inox Srl., is committed to meet the strictest international production standards daily, obtaining certification of its business practice and production processes.

Arredo Inox is the only company in Italy to be certified on "Design and manufacture of cabinets and systems to produce microclimates fot the purpose of dry aging, curing, drying and preservation of foodstuffs (IAF 18)".


The company organizes conferences and events aimed at training institutions, professionals, retailers, consumers and public authorities. They organize courses for technical training, technical commercial sales; and various levels of scientific based transformation methods both on and off site that. Dr. Alessandro Cuomo, Director of Arredo Inox Srl., holds the title of Inspector for QMS ISO 9001 and NSF International Food Safety - B.R.C. - I.S.F. - K.H.C.

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Butchers, delicatessens, restaurants, food testing labs, processors, retail distribution chains, and public authorities. Innovation is a core value for Arredo Inox Srl., producing the right technologies to support food transformation and storage processes. Utilizing science to serve tradition, not bypassing it but enhancing it, making it contemporary and above all safe. Helping small businesses of all types in the meat sector to specialize, minimizing costs and multiplying their profits while respecting professional ethics and food safety.

Our challenge is to focus on a culture of innovation, 360 degrees. They never stop, the research and development of new products and production processes is of the utmost importance. They continuously look to improve their work ethic, with a more efficient organizational model and market positioning.


Thousands of clients worldwide that have decided to innovate and specialize have been able to offer their own clients more added value products. By adding the unique patents made by Arredo Inox Srl., distributors and dealers have expanded their product line up giving them an advantage in a crowded sector. With strong expertise and technical capacity, the professionals who make up Arredo Inox Srl., have been able to reach several foreign markets, exporting know-how and cutting-edge technological solutions to a NR% of sales. The company has set up a program for after-sales care as a method to serve the global market in which it operates.

Alessandro Cuomo, boasts collaborations with leading organizations such as Leeds City College,

The Culinary Institute of America, and Eataly and continues his research in food transformation fully complying with ethics and tradition. Our company enjoys the prestigious collaboration with the National Federcarni, in Italy.

Arredo Inox Srl., exports more than just a product. It exports the opportunity to produce original Italian style foods all over the world. Italian style is originality.
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